Sleep Plan Package

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Sleep Plan Package


Perfect for the mother who wants to support her child’s sleep, and who also desires more restful sleep herself due to new anxieties, trouble dozing off, or simply restless nights.

With a yoga therapy approach, there is a thorough intake process, individual mother (or child caregiver) sessions, and a full sleep plan for your baby/toddler and for the mother. We know that sleep is multifaceted and family dynamics, relationships, time spent in nature, play, and more play a role.

Sleep Plan Package Includes:

  • Two 50 minute phone calls with mother (or individual caregiver): one prior to sleep plan creation, and one following sleep plan creation

  • Includes virtual nursery tour and bedroom tour if desired

  • Full baby/toddler sleep plan with sleep support for mother included, too

  • One 30 minute follow-up call one week later

  • Three weeks of email support throughout sleep plan process

Notes: Sleep Plan Packages must be fully implemented within three weeks of initial session. For example, first week includes Session #1 followed by Sleep Plan creation. Second week, includes Session #2 to support mother and child. The third week includes a brief follow-up session. All sessions can be completed via phone, Zoom, or WhatsApp.

Mother’s plan will incorporate yoga therapy, including breathing techniques, meditation, and lifestyle recommendations for healthy rest

Sleep Plans are created with your child’s unique personality, developmental age, and the family’s parenting philosophy in mind, as well as the unique emotional and physical needs of the mother

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