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Sleep Services

With roots in yoga therapy, I’m committed to supporting mothers (and caregivers) establish deeper bonds with their babies and toddlers. Understanding why a baby or toddler has trouble sleeping is so much more than teaching her or him to “self-soothe.” It’s an indicator of emotions, feelings, physical state, and environment. I take a multi-layered approach to helping your child — and you, mama — get the rest you need.

Please review Yoga Dear Mama’s Sleep Consulting Services below:

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Sleep Plan Package

Perfect for the mother who wants to support her child’s sleep, and who may also desire more restful sleep herself due to new anxieties, trouble dozing off, or simply restless nights.

With a yoga therapy approach, there is a thorough intake process, individual mother (or child caregiver) sessions, a full sleep plan for your baby/toddler and for you, too.

Sleep Plan Package Includes:

  • Two 50 minute phone calls with mother (or individual caregiver): one prior to sleep plan creation, and one following sleep plan creation

  • Includes virtual nursery tour and bedroom tour

  • Full baby/toddler Sleep Plan with sleep support for mother included, too

  • One 30 minute follow-up call one week later

  • Three weeks of email support throughout sleep plan process

Notes: Sleep Plan Packages must be fully implemented within three weeks of initial session. For example, first week = Session #1 followed by Sleep Plan creation. Second week = Session #2 to support mother and child. The third week = a brief follow-up session. All sessions can be completed via phone, Zoom, or WhatsApp.

Mother’s plan will incorporate yoga therapy, including breathing techniques, meditation, and lifestyle recommendations for healthy rest.

Sleep Plans are created with your child’s unique personality, developmental age, and the family’s parenting philosophy in mind.

Sleep Plan Package
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Sleep Express

Perfect for the mother who has a few questions about her child’s sleep, and/or the mother who requests follow-up sleep support after working together with the “Sleep Plan Package”

Includes [one] 50 minute, pre-scheduled phone call to discuss your questions about your baby or toddler’s sleep, as well as your own rest needs

Includes emailed call notes, and one follow-up check-in email within five three to five business days

Sleep Express
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Sleep is not a luxury, but rather it’s a necessity to our emotional and physical well-being at all stages of life.

Let’s schedule a 20 minute consultation. Say hello and let’s get started.

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Hi there. I’m Leanne and this is my son Bodhi. I’m combining the worlds of yoga therapy and sleep consulting to help you and your family get much needed rest, and above all, deeper connection and understanding.

Hi there. I’m Leanne and this is my son Bodhi. I’m combining the worlds of yoga therapy and sleep consulting to help you and your family get much needed rest, and above all, deeper connection and understanding.

Read more about my philosophy towards sleep here:

Policies, Terms & Conditions:
Thank you for choosing Yoga Dear to support you. Yoga Dear offers services in yoga therapy, to include any or all of the following: in-person private yoga therapy sessions, online private yoga therapy sessions, group yoga/yoga therapy classes, infant + toddler sleep consulting, parent sleep consulting.

Yoga Dear does not diagnose, offer medical advice, or treatment for its clients. Yoga Dear does not claim or assert a definite outcome as a result of purchasing a package and working together. Yoga Dear will support each Client in attaining their sought after goal, with the Client agreeing to practice suggested techniques.

Leanne Matullo, of Yoga Dear, will be available for email support during business days. Yoga Dear does not respond to emails over the weekend. Client agrees to email questions and concerns. Client may schedule a complimentary phone consultation prior to any package. Client may schedule a session and/or appointment after purchasing the agreed upon package.

All Yoga Therapy Packages are non-refundable, non-transferrable. 

Sleep Consulting refund requests must be received within 30 days of package purchase. Prior to refund, Client will share a detailed log of each day’s sleep activity for two weeks.

For all consultation packages, cancellations, rescheduling appointments, or non-showing within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time will result in having 15-minutes of time and/or one email deducted from your remaining allotted allowance to compensate for the yoga therapist's/sleep consultant’s time as well as the time that could have been used by another. This helps to ensure that all of our clients get help in a timely manner.

For all Yoga Dear Sleep Express calls, no refund will be issued if cancelled within 24 hours.

You may reschedule an appointment within 4 weeks if you notify us within 48 hours of your appointment. This helps to ensure that all of our individuals and families get help in a timely manner.

All services are non-transferable. To request a refund for any service, please email Sleep Consulting refunds will be processed on a weekly basis, usually 7-10 days from the time we receive your request. If you have any questions about or policies, please contact us.