Lewisburg, PA Team


Leanne Matullo, Founder

Leanne Matullo, founder of Yoga Dear, is a Registered Yoga Teacher, Registered Pre/Postnatal Yoga Teacher, and Yoga Educator. She believes surpassingly in the power of yoga to transform the way we live in our bodies, and ultimately our lives, and brings her expertise to the studio.

She’s a lifelong dancer and yogi, combining an array of multiple disciplines and styles to bring to her clients. She draws on her dance background to teach classes that are as elegant as they are encouraging.

She intimately knows the benefits that yoga can bring, as she learned during her fertility struggles. It taught her that women need a place of safety and welcoming during the childbearing years, no matter their parental status, so she created that in Yoga Dear. Here, women have a place to reconnect with their bodies and nourish their souls as they step onto the mat and into the community of the studio.

Leanne is, at her core, a person of warmth and inclusion. She loves to know her students by name and her nurturing spirit fosters a sense of vibrancy and community within the studio. E-RYT. RPYT - Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga. MA Human Development. YoKid Certified. @LeanneMatullo and @YogaDearMama on IG


Eugene Matullo, COO, Studio Manager

Back in his "HeyDay", Eugene was a first team all conference athlete. Prior to developing his own unique yoga practice, he dabbled in the art of picking up heavy weights and putting them down, also known as power lifting.  About six years ago (and after some serious convincing from his wife), Eugene took his first yoga class. After a few years of personal practice, Eugene apprenticed with Leanne for over a year prior to teaching his first class at Yoga Dear. Eugene teaches a creative flow style class and is known for having a pretty good playlist or two as well. He encourages his students to get grounded in the moment, really tune in to the quality of the breath and bring a deep sense of intention to every aspect of the asana practice. And, he does it with a healthy sense of humor.  RYT.  @GenoYoga on IG, @GenoM33 on Spotify


Ariel Leddington

Ariel has been a dedicated student and teacher of yoga for the past 14 years. She has studied various styles with many gifted and knowledgeable teachers. She teaches a creative vinyasa class with a strong emphasis on the human anatomy and intelligent sequencing to open and strengthen the body, preventing injury. She holds her MA and is a licensed Somatic Psychotherapist as well as a certified massage therapist. For more information on Ariel you can go to www.arielhowland.com. E-RYT.

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Hannah Richards

Hannah began her journey of yoga in the Spring of 2016. With a background of 10 years of competitive gymnastics, she fell in love, fully immersing herself in a variety of types of yoga, teachers, and experiences throughout the world. After completing her yoga teacher training at Infinite Source Yoga in Costa Rica, she came home to Yoga Dear to continue her passion. As a teacher she dreams of empowering others to their fullest potential, remembering their true essence while healing their wounds, nourishing their souls, being a spiritual leader as well as fellow student, meeting people where they are at yet encouraging them to go deeper and not be afraid of their darkness or their light. Leading with the breath in all things: meditation, movement, everyday life; while teaching from the heart, leading with the Spirit and Intuition, and allowing them to discover what feels most healing to them in the present moment with gentle instruction.  She believes yoga is a practice for anyone and everyone transforming the body, mind, and spirit. Registered Nurse


Sierra Meggitt

Sierra was introduced to yoga at the age of ten by her father. Throughout much of her childhood, her attention to formal yoga was sporadic, but her dedication to creative movement has been consistent. Sierra began practicing yoga more seriously when she started college as a way to stay grounded during such a transitional time. Inspired by her love of dance and rock climbing, Sierra aims to balance seemingly opposing emotions and movements in class: strength and surrender, power and vulnerability, seriousness and goofiness, strictness and creativity. She loves smiling and laughing with her students, aiming to guide them through a personal practice and development that suits them. She feels deeply grateful to be serving the Yoga Dear community, a community that has graced her with copious amounts of love, joy, acceptance, and compassion. She strives to carry these emotions with her through class, spreading love to all.  


Catie Troxell

Catie began practicing yoga regularly with Yoga Dear in February 2017 during her second pregnancy. With the intention of practicing self care in order to love and care for others fully, yoga has become a way of living out everyday life. She has a background in dance, education in Professional Counseling, and is a Certified Aromatherapist. As a yoga teacher, Catie facilitates her class with the intention of each student feeling grounded, inspired, and curious. She holds space for individuals to make the practice their own according to what they need physically and energetically in the moment.  


Hadas Green

Hadas has been practicing yoga for the past 20 years. She first encountered yoga in private classes with a teacher she was fortunate to meet. Eager to learn more, Hadas traveled to India to study yoga, Philosophy and the science of yoga at the International Vishvaguru Meditation and Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh.  Over the years, she got to practice with many talented teachers and experienced many styles of yoga. Gradually, she left her work as a graphic designer and started to teach yoga. The yoga Hadas teaches reflects the knowledge she accumulated from years of study and practice, focusing on alignment in poses and withdrawing the senses inside. In recent years, Hadas also practices sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls.  IYTA-390 Vinyasa, RYT - alignment oriented (Ayenger style), Reiki level 1