Auto-Renew Memberships 

Ultimate Om Yearly Members receive:

  • Unlimited Yoga each and every month for 12 months

  • Specialty Discounted Rates for Yoga Dear Retreats

  • Specialty Discounted Rates for Series & Workshops - up to 20% off!

  • All Specialty Sessions included (opportunities for further learning)

  • 10% off all Retail always (ex. shirts & Manduka yoga gear)

  • Option to "freeze" membership up to a month each year for vacation, family illness, business travel, etc.

  • $85 per month via auto-pay contract ($7/class if taking three per week)

  • * This option includes a contract for the year to support your yoga experience.

Auto-Renew Tier Memberships:  

Tier 1:

  • Unlimited yoga every month

  • $99 ($8.25/class if taking three per week)
    2 month minimum

Tier 2:

  • 8 classes per month

  • $89 ($11/class)

Tier 3:

  • 5 classes per month

  • $69 ($13/class)

Upgrade or downgrade at any time! No contracts. No fees. 10% off all retail always. 

Yearly Members! Is there an immediate family member who’d like to practice yoga, too? We’re offering a Family Add-on Membership of $55/month per family member ($30 savings each month). Inquire in studio for details.

I have always dabbled in yoga at gyms and online, often trying to find some type of cross training to running. Joining Yoga Dear has given me SO MUCH more than work outs and fitness, it has allowed me to go stronger in mind, body, and soul. I truly believe yoga is a lifestyle after joining this studio. The community values each person’s practice and spirit.
— Morgan
A yoga practice is simply that. It’s a practice. Results just don’t happen overnight. And, by results, we mean a sense of inner peace, more flexibility, better balance, improved sleep, ability to focus, the list goes on! We’ve created these membership options to help you find the best fit package that aligns with your goals and level of commitment.
— Leanne Matullo, Founder
My original intention in coming was to exercise and create a regular practice. Well it’s been 8 months, I have certainly done that but have achieved so much more. I’ve made new friends, renewed acquaintances, become fitter, helped manage my stress, hooked my husband into becoming a yogi and best yet...the things I learn from the instructors and myself in practice, I’ve been able to apply in my life, off the mat.
— Cookie Connolly

Yoga Services & Passes

  • 1 Month Unlimited Yoga Pass - $120 - expires one month from activation date

  • 10 Class Pass - $160 - expires two months from activation date

  • 1 Class Pass - $18

ATTENTION: Public School Teachers, Therapists, + Social Workers:

>>> We recognize the hard work you do to benefit and serve others, all day and every day. We’re trialing a special rate for all Public School Teachers, Therapists, + Social Workers: 30% OFF of any membership (2 month minimum on tiered memberships) or class pass. Must be purchased in studio and present a valid employment ID. We hope this helps you practice your own self-care. <<<

>>> 10% off for Seniors 60+, Veterans, Military, and students (w/id). Inquire within studio to receive your specialty rate. <<<


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