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We’re Hiring! Yoga Teacher Description below:

Yoga Dear is a welcoming, encouraging studio that offers grounded guidance for all levels. We pride ourselves on creating classes that are down-to-earth with a healthy dose of laughter and encourage openness, curiosity, and wholeness. Our greatest hope? That everyone who comes through our doors experiences a sense of feeling seen, heard, and like they truly matter—because they do.  We’re here for anyone who needs regular reminder that “You are enough.” If you love that message, and want to share the benefits of yoga, then this role might be for you.

Yoga Dear Teachers embody our values:

  • We foster community // We are curious // We are genuine // We help students to feel seen and to know that they matter

We seek teachers who can offer our core values blended with their own unique voice in yoga classes. Our teachers are knowledgeable, approachable, and dependable. They love what our community has to offer, and really want to be a part of something greater than themselves. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • You teach a vinyasa style of yoga - breath synchronized movement - and incorporate the 8-Limbed path into your teachings OR

  • You teach kids yoga, prenatal yoga, or postnatal yoga along with the 8-limbed path

  • You teach from the heart and for the benefit of others. Your eyes are constantly on the room encouraging and assisting students.

  • You are available outside of regular working hours (aka to teach early mornings, evenings after work, and weekends). The majority of our classes are outside the hours of “9-5.”

  • You want to take on 2-3 regular classes per week. You realize that building trust with students takes time. As such, you’re also willing to step in and sub other classes when needed.

  • You are available the month of January (it’s a busy time for yoga).

  • You are an RYT 200 with 2+ years of teaching experience.

Benefits to our teachers:

  • Competitive compensation - base rate + bonus for classes over set # of students

  • Complimentary yoga classes and workshops at Yoga Dear

  • Discounted rates on series, retreats, trainings and retail

  • After six months of service, teachers receive a continuing education stipend*

  • The option to put together your own series and in-depth trainings for our students and community

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Yoga Dear team, please send over a letter of intent along with your resume. Our process could include all or part of the following: an initial interview, audition, and audition follow-up. We are really excited to grow our team and to welcome new folks to our family! Please send your documents with subject: TEACHER APPLICATION to


Yoga Dear, LLC
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