All Levels Vinyasa

The Yoga Dear community has been absolutely incredible. I remember being so nervous to start taking classes there because I was doing something totally new to me and I was doing it on my own. But I am so, so happy I stepped outside of my comfort zone. The teachers and students have made a huge impact on my life, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.
— Kat Pardoe

“Vinyasa” simply means breath synchronized movement. You’ll find a mix of standing and seated poses, twists and forward bends, balances, backbends, and offerings for inversions, too. Each teacher brings a unique presence to this flow inspired practice and will adapt to the unique needs and abilities of those in the room. All classes included breathing practice and meditation with an emphasis on incorporating yoga into your daily life. Suitable for any yoga student from beginner to advanced.

Slow Flow

An extra dose of #yogalove

So, this yoga thing. What's it really about? How is it so much more than twisting up like a pretzel? When you join our Dear family, you'll get a mini course in yoga, what it is, and what it is not. Our letters are funny. Inspirational. Learning happens. Plus, you'll receive our special offer for all new members.

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A softer, slower version of an All Levels Vinyasa class. Here, we’ll focus on proper alignment as we move through each “asana,” or posture. Yoga sequences are designed to give you permission to calm the body, still the mind, and connect with your breath. You’ll be introduced to basic poses, learn how to practice them safely and freely. Class will include standing and seated poses, twists and forward bends, balances, backbends, and light inversions with breathing techniques and meditation. Depending on class, more advanced postures and techniques will be introduced. Perfect for yoga beginners, those recovering from injury, expectant mothers, postnatal mamas, and regular practitioners who love a slower pace.

Sunny Side Yoga

Wake up with yoga! Can we agree that our days are better when they start with yoga? Yep. Yep. Sunny Side classes offer a vinyasa practice to help you ease into your day, wake up tired bodies and spirits, and flood the body with positive energy. Better than coffee. Well...almost. Inspired by those happy sunny side up eggs at breakfast-time. All levels welcome.

Restorative Yoga

Infuse peace and quiet into your life with a restorative session. Restorative yoga is meditation based, incorporating yoga poses to allow your body to rest and relax. All poses are supported with the use of props, such as blankets, blocks, and pillows to support your body.  Leave feeling refreshed, renewed and calm. Encouraged for all levels.

Leanne is a fantastic teacher. She is always open to answering any questions or helping with modifications if you have any injuries. Her classes are upbeat and have the perfect challenge level. Leanne helps people believe that they can be a yogi even if they have only taken one class.
— Gillian Radel

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga weaves together yoga movement, breath, childbirth education & body awareness, along with a wonderful community of women. Here, you'll deepen the connection to your body, mind, and growing baby in classes especially crafted for your needs throughout all trimesters - and no prior yoga experience is necessary! Please click here for more information on Prenatal Yoga and our upcoming series.

POSTnatal Yoga "Body"shop

POSTnatal Yoga will reacquaint you with your body after undergoing a transformational experience - physically, mentally, and emotionally. Learn how to safely restore your core. Practice exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor post-delivery (this is essential!). Open up the shoulders and chest after so much baby carrying and feeding. Bring your babies! Baby whisperers will be on site to care for your little one during practice. Suitable for new mamas 6-8+ weeks postpartum. Please click here for more information on Postnatal Yoga.

Baby & Me Yoga

Take time to relax and connect with your little one! In this class, we’ll guide you to develop and strengthen the spiritual, emotional and physical bond between you and your baby. Each session will include yoga postures, interactive songs, and infant massage. Babies will be placed on a blanket at the front of your mat. Please feel free to change or feed your baby during class as needed. No yoga experience is necessary. This is perfect for moms and/or dads with infants from six weeks old to crawling.  Please click here for more information on Baby & Me Yoga.


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