Introducing...our new Studio Manager!

Hey there,

You guys, we were BLOWN AWAY by the responses we received for the Studio Manager position at Yoga Dear. Seriously. I took my time to read through each and every application, and they were so well written, thoughtful, and clearly full of love for this space and community. I am grateful.

When I sat down with who is now our Studio Manager, something just clicked. She has a warmth that’s contagious. She’s whip smart, a fabulous communicator, and independent while also valuing collaboration. She knows how to nurture community, to show people that they are seen and she listens with a deep curiosity to understand. I am delighted to introduce you to…


Cornelia Carpenter Cardillo!

Cornelia is a lifelong skier and hiker, and has been practicing yoga for over 15 years as a way to supplement and improve her physical and spiritual health. Cornelia is a Colorado native and recently moved to Lewisburg with her husband, dog, and cat.

A mountain girl at heart, she enjoys spending time outside hiking, camping, cross-country and alpine skiing, and mountain biking. Cornelia is a freelance illustrator and artist specializing in illustrated maps - her work is brilliant! She enjoys working with watercolor, pen and ink, and relief printmaking. Check it out here:

Formerly, Cornelia worked in non-profit development and is excited to take on a different role, forge a new path in her career, and to connect with you, dear yoga students and friends. She’ll have regular office hours in the studio Monday - Thursday and will be your Mind/Body technology genie as well as managing operations, customer service, and marketing for the studio and this newsletter. We’re beyond grateful to have her! Please welcome Cornelia when you see her in the Lewisburg studio and maybe even send virtual good vibes if you’re far away.

Thank you all for the excitement about our growing team. The next time I’ll be writing to you, my family will likely be all packed up en route to Providence.

With love,