Will you answer these two questions?

Hey there,

One of my very favorite things is to hear from you, dear reader & fellow yoga student. I may take a few days (sometimes longer...I'm slow by choice) to respond, but I always do because you know what? You matter to me. A great deal. That's one of our core Yoga Dear values. To let people know that they are seen. That their thoughts and words and feelings matter. Because they do.

In these letters, I share some of the stories that make up my days infused with a bit of yogic philosophy because I hope it helps, inspires, teaches & motivates. I hope these words that flow through me take up space in your heart, too. Today, though, I want to hear from YOU. Please take a few minutes to answer these two questions. That's it. Your answers help me to continue to dream up ways to serve, to write letters that speak to your needs, and to create classes that meet you where you're at, where ever you're at.

The Questions:

Note: This could be ANYTHING, and not necessarily yoga related.

And, when you do, we'll enter you to win a a Manduka mat & Yoga Dear tee. Don't live in Lewisburg? We'll ship it to you (IF you're in the U.S.)! The deadline to answer these Q's for an entry to win is Wednesday, August 15, 2018! 

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