Pregnancy Advice: Why you should think twice before sharing - Episode 3

We're answering a listener and student question in this podcast, while also sharing Leanne's love of teaching prenatal and postnatal yoga (I think you can hear it in her voice). Some things we discuss:

  • Leanne's background in prenatal and postnatal yoga, as well as a little bit about how she teaches these specific populations
  • The letter that spurred the question...that inspired this episode! 
  • What to say or not to say to a pregnant woman. Should we offer advice? If so, how? 
  • How pregnant women may feel day to day and how simply knowing this can help others communicate with them
  • Negativity, judgement, and fears surrounding pregnancy and birth
  • Eugene asks Leanne to share what she wishes she would've known during her pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience 

Article: What I wish I would've known before baby