And, then my brain literally melts down.

Well hello there springtime! But, wait? Is it really? When I look out my window, I see piles of snow, and the morning I'm writing this the thermometer read 26 degrees for my morning “wog.” It sure doesn’t feel like spring. It sure doesn’t look like spring. I guess she’s not in a hurry to get here, huh?

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” - Lao Tzu

I shared this quote by Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu during our now annual Spring Equinox specialty session on Saturday. We practiced vinyasa, yin and restorative all wrapped into one lengthened class within a tulip filled studio, while a wintry mix fell outside. Hey, if it’s not spring outside, we can will it our way inside, right? That morning was a reminder to me - a reminder of patience, of trust, to take my cues from nature.

You see, spring is such a glorious time of year. In the yoga tradition, spring signals a new energy. Literally, the world around us is beginning to awaken with new blossoms on trees, daffodils poking their way through the earth, colorful fruits and veggies at the farmers’ market. We start to emerge a bit, too. As humans, we come out of hibernation and begin all of our spring plans, adding so much goodness to our to-do lists. Our yoga practice might even adapt, too - it’s a little peppier, maybe a little more energetic to mimic nature.


But, here’s the thing. Do you ever find yourself just piling on all the plans? Without even thinking, I'm saying yes to everything right now, because I'm going to have so much energy this season, right? Yes to painting our kitchen cabinets. Yes to putting that new crib together and the nursery. Yes to setting aside these next three or four months to writing our yoga training programs and to starting another prenatal series and to developing a fall retreat. Yes to finally getting back into practicing my Spanish. Yes to new travel. And, brain literally melts down and ceases to function...

Because, even though the start of the spring season is about welcoming all this new energy and literal sunlight, it’s also about taking a moment to get really intentional. Here’s where we reflect on the past few months of the new year, release what hasn’t been working for us, and start to refocus on those things that matter most. We can channel more of our energy to less, bringing more joy and depth and focus to those areas of our lives, rather than feeling spread so thin. With all the plans and to-do’s, life becomes a rush, a race. And, I don’t want that. Do you?

Nature is intentional. It takes its sweet time. But, everything gets done. Spring gets here. Nature's energy is channeled exactly where it needs to go. So, I encourage you to take a moment today or tomorrow to think about where you’d like to channel your energy this season. Just a few spaces and places. Don't forget to keep yourself on that list. That way, you can experience your life rather than rush through it. And, when your list is a teensy bit shorter, it’s all way more likely to get done.

Oh, and even though I want to do all those things this season, I’m in my own “getting intentional” moment. So, I may find someone to practice Spanish with...or I may not. I may develop another yoga program before the summer months...I may not. But, that crib...I think that’s a definite do. If you know anyone that might benefit from giving these letters a read, please share. We'd love to spread yoga love and awareness near and far.

- Leanne Matullo