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Sleep Consulting

Helping mothers develop deeper bonds with their babies and toddlers, starting with rest
Offering sleep support and yoga therapy for babies, toddlers, and mothers


Sleep is not a luxury, but rather it’s a necessity for our emotional and physical well-being at all stages of life.

With my roots in yoga therapy, I’m committed to supporting mothers (and caregivers) to establish deeper bonds with their babies and toddlers as a Sleep Consultant. Understanding why a baby or toddler has trouble sleeping is so much more than teaching her or him to “self-soothe.” It’s an indicator of emotions, feelings, physical state, and environment. I take a multi-layered approach to helping your child — and you, mama — get the rest you need. We’re a match if:

  • You’re tired, confused, and seek support in helping your baby or toddler get better sleep

  • You would like to implement a gentle approach in the sleep support process, but also appreciate structure of proven techniques

  • You believe in supporting your child’s sleep based on his or her unique temperament and stage of development

  • You recognize that there might be a little crying in this process, but that you’ll never be far away from your baby and many times it’s okay to let your baby cry in your arms

  • You’re really not interested in “cry it out” or the extinction method (I don’t consult on that anyway)

  • You realize that your individual emotional and physical well-being are crucial to the well-being of your child

  • And love yoga [not necessary, but always fun to connect in this way]

Please note: I rarely use the term sleep train for my personal services. To me “sleep training,” isn’t the core of my work. I strive to create positive associations around sleeptimes, and to strengthen the bonds between mothers and their children.

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Sleep Services

I offer sleep support services that incorporate the needs of the child, mother, and family. The Sleep Plan Package includes individual sessions, a thorough intake, a full sleep plan and weeks of follow-up sleep support via email or phone. The Sleep Express offers one phone call with follow-up notes. Please read more about Sleep Consulting Services by clicking the button below:

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Meet Your Sleep Consultant

When our baby started waking every 45 - 90 minutes at night, I thought sleep deprivation was a right of passage for new parents. And, to a kind of was (and is), so I pushed through.

However, when days started to creep into months of little sleep, I realized that I felt lost, confused, and anxious. I was having a hard time at work, not connecting with my husband, and starting to feel disconnected from my baby.

I sought out gentle, baby informed methods to help the whole family get better rest, but also a bit of structure through proven methods that helped my baby learn that sleeping can feel safe and comforting. I am forever grateful for our own Sleep Consultant!

I advocate for an approach that compliments the family’s parenting philosophy, while also emphasizing a deeper connection and understanding between mamas and their babies. As a yoga therapist, I take into consideration the mother’s state of well-being, concerns, and goals for sleep support. I work together with mothers (and parents) to design a sleep plan that is suitable for babies’ and toddlers’ unique temperaments and developmental ages, as well as ensuring that mothers feel nurtured and cared for throughout the whole process.

I’m delighted to be your Sleep Consultant.

With love,