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A community that cares deeply about one another. A practice that honors the body and pushes the limitations of the mind. A space that provides excellence in yoga instruction. A profound awareness that stays with you long after you leave your mat. A curiosity that starts with the movement and continues with the yoga lifestyle. 


An extra dose of #yogalove

So, this yoga thing. What's it really about? How is it so much more than twisting up like a pretzel? When you join our Dear family, you'll get a mini course in yoga, what it is, and what it is not. Our letters are funny. Inspirational. Learning happens. Plus, you'll receive our special offer for all new members.

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"To me, the right yoga class is like slipping into a warm bubble bath or cozying up in soft sheets. It's the feeling you get after the most real conversation with a friend. It should leave you feeling refreshed, comforted, confident, strong. It should leave you feeling like...well, you again. Never depleted. Not exhausted. Not more confused. But, proud. Happy to be in this body, your body, the way you are.

At Yoga Dear, we seek to make yoga approachable to all who walk in our doors. Our classes are dynamic and include so much more than just the poses. We want to help you live better. So, you can help others live better. And, so on.  I can't wait to meet you and learn about what brings you to this practice. I think you'll love it."

- Leanne Matullo, Founder