Special Programs & Workshops:

Intro to Meditation - 4 Weeks Series
w/Keris Timol
Thursday, October 26 - Thursday, November 16, 2017
7:15 - 8:45 p.m.

Meditation teaches us how to find emotional stability, relax the body, concentrate, focus and direct internal energy. In this four week series, you will learn classical meditation techniques to guide your own practice. Meditation is a personal journey. With the help of various approaches, students will leave with a myriad of tools to help bring ease and peace into everyday life.

These sessions will include philosophy, asana, skill work and breakdown of how to use these techniques. You’ll learn the various tools:

  • The art of intention setting, known as Sankalpa
  • How to use mantras, or Ajapa Japa
  • Breathing techniques like Ujjayi pranayama (breath control) and Nadi Shodhana
  • Body “locks” to aid in your meditation and physical practice, known as Bandhas

Each class will begin with a guided meditation and end with yoga nidra. What’s yoga nidra? Think of it as a “yogic nap,” where you’re not quite sleeping and not quite awake, where you’ll find deep relaxation. Interested in learning more about meditation and how to create an experience all your own? Join in! This series is perfect for beginners or experienced meditators. $89 for the 4 week series // $75 for Yearly Members


Prenatal Yoga 6 Week Series
w/ Leanne Matullo, E-RYT, RPYT
Tuesday, November 14 - Tuesday, December 19, 2017
Bring your partners/spouses on Tuesday, December 5! 
7:oo - 8:15 p.m. 

Prenatal Yoga weaves together yoga movement, breath, childbirth education & body awareness, along with a wonderful community of women. Here, you'll deepen the connection to your body, mind, and growing baby in classes especially crafted for your needs throughout all trimesters - and no prior yoga experience is necessary!

During a prenatal yoga session, we will:

  • Address any aches or concerns, and apply therapeutic applications to support your changing body (i.e. alleviating nausea, backache, swelling, round ligament pain, and more)
  • Move through poses and breathing techniques that prepare your body for labor, strengthen and lengthen muscles, optimize the pelvic floor, improve digestion and circulation, exercise the spine, and increase overall comfort
  • Briefly explore themes for each class, including laboring positions, hormones involved in birth, building a team of support, and more
  • Connect with other women in an atmosphere that's warm, safe, and fun! 

Each session will include 15 minutes of conversation to start class, followed by a 50 minute yoga session and end with a deep relaxation. On Tuesday, December 5, bring your spouses and partners to a special partner prenatal practice! We'll move through a yoga flow together, practice breathing techniques to aid in labor, learning laboring positions, practice adjustments and light massage to support your pregnancy and birth experience. 

**Please also join our Facebook group - Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Dears - for more information and to meet other women. $115 for the 6 week series // The pro-rated rate of any classes not used can go towards future offerings at Yoga Dear // $95 for Yearly Members // Packages available for Prenatal Yoga + Regular Yoga classes, too.

All sessions led by studio owner and director, Leanne Matullo, E-RYT & RPYT. Leanne trained in prenatal and postnatal yoga with the Prenatal Yoga Center in NYC. Leanne is currently expecting a baby in July, and specializes in women's health and wellness surrounding fertility, pre-conception, prenatal, and postnatal care. 


Winter Solstice Practice - Specialty Session
w/ Keris Timol
Thursday, December 21, 2017
6:oo - 7:30 p.m. 

We love honoring the seasons. Your body does, too. In the spring, we awaken to the senses, stretch ourselves towards the light. In the fall, we begin to turn inwards. We celebrate the summer's bounty and the early autumn harvest. In the winter, we honor the body's ability to move, and allow it adequate time for deep rest (after all, the days are shorter, nights are longer), while preparing for the brand new year.

Join Keris for a practice that:

  • Encourages letting go of old patterns and inviting in a fresh intention for the New Year
  • Renews the spirit and refreshes the soul, bringing a peaceful presence to the season
  • Flow through sun salutations mindfully, embrace the energetic effects of backbends and the restoring impacts of forward folds
  • Concludes with the cleansing meditation technique, Trataka also known as candle gazing, followed by a rejuvenating yoga nidra

Specialty Session included in your membership // $17 drop-in // May use Class Pass


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