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Prenatal Yoga w/Leanne Matullo

Prenatal Yoga weaves together yoga movement, breath, childbirth education & body awareness, while connecting a community of women. Here, you'll deepen the connection to your body, mind, and growing baby in classes especially crafted for your needs throughout all trimesters - and no prior yoga experience is necessary! During a prenatal yoga session, we will:

  • Address any aches, and apply therapeutic applications to support your changing body (i.e. alleviating nausea, backache, swelling, round ligament pain, and more)
  • Move through poses and breathing techniques that prepare your body for labor, strengthen and lengthen muscles, optimize the pelvic floor, improve digestion and circulation, exercise the spine, and increase overall comfort
  • Briefly explore themes for each class, including laboring positions, hormones involved in birth, building a team of support, and more
  • Connect with other women in an atmosphere that's warm, safe, and fun! 

Each session will include 15 minutes of conversation to start class, followed by a 50 minute yoga session. Prenatal Yoga is led in a small group setting allowing you to feel safe, comfortable, and supported here in class and throughout your pregnancy. 

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I can’t speak highly enough of Yoga Dear and more specifically Leanne and her prenatal series! Prior to being pregnant, I had only attended a handful of yoga classes. When I was at the tail end of my 1st trimester, I realized that many of my typical forms of exercise were going to get harder as pregnancy progressed. Leanne and all the rest of the staff at Yoga Dear were incredibly supportive throughout my entire pregnancy and they’ve got me hooked on continuing with yoga (once I can pry myself away from my little one).

Through Leanne’s expertise and guidance, I not only was able to stay active throughout my pregnancy (I attended a yoga class just 2 days before delivering...), but I also got stronger and more confident throughout my pregnancy. The prenatal class taught me how to safely move and strengthen muscles during pregnancy, introduced me to a other expecting mothers and gave me tools (breathing exercises, movements, etc.) to help with labor.
— Moria
Thanks for all of your prenatal support! I found the mental mantras and breathing techniques to be very helpful.
— Bridgette
I was having a lot of lower back and sciatic/SI joint pain. My pain was so bad that a random wrong step shot sharp pain up my back. The SI pain was so bad that getting dressed was sometimes so very hard to do. I randomly searched for prenatal yoga and happened to find this class-luckily for me it was starting 2 weeks later. By the second class that pain was GONE.

Not only did it help the physical symptoms, but helped mentally as well. It was nice to be in class with other pregnant Women where we could all talk about our fears, first time mom worries and get advice from the Mothers in the class who were having their second, third or even fourth child. It was also helpful that Leanne herself had only just given birth. The techniques we were taught - I actually used! I am looking forward to attending postnatal yoga in the future.
— Amanda
I moved to town when I was 6 months pregnant, and during my first week in Lewisburg I joined the prenatal yoga series at Yoga Dear. I remember lying at the end of practice, tears welling in my eyes. I felt so tenderly cared for during a time of much change and upheaval in my life. The physical practice left me feeling strong and energized, yet relaxed and my body soothed. The guided meditation on our upcoming births allowed me to slow down and be introspective. It was as if a weight had been lifted that I didn’t know I was carrying.
— Heather

Please visit the "Register Here" button for info on current sessions and pricing. // The pro-rated rate of any classes not used can go towards future offerings at Yoga Dear // Packages available for Prenatal Yoga + Regular Yoga classes, too. All sessions led by studio owner and director, Leanne Matullo, E-RYT & RPYT. Leanne trained in prenatal and postnatal yoga with the Prenatal Yoga Center in NYC. Leanne welcomed her first baby in July, and specializes in women's health and wellness surrounding fertility, pre-conception, prenatal, and postnatal care. 

Postnatal Yoga "Body"shops

POSTnatal Yoga "Body"shops
Check back for future dates.

POSTnatal Yoga will reacquaint you with your body after undergoing a transformational experience - physically, mentally, and emotionally. Learn how to safely restore your core. Practice exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor post-delivery (this is essential!). Open up the shoulders and chest after so much baby carrying and feeding. Enjoy your body in these workshops focused on building your muscle strength, gentle stretching, and healing after birth.

Bring your babies! While POSTnatal is focused on mamas, there will be interaction with babies. Feel free to nurse, rock, sway your baby throughout the practice. Baby whisperers will be on site to care for your little one during practice.  Suitable for new mamas 6-8+ weeks postpartum. $25 per Bodyshop // $55 for the whole series // $45 for the whole series for Yearly Members. 

POSTnatal Yoga Bodyshop.png