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So, this yoga thing. What's it really about? How is it so much more than twisting up like a pretzel? When you join our Dear family, you'll get a mini course in yoga, what it is, and what it is not. Our letters are funny. Inspirational. Learning happens. Plus, you'll receive our special offer for all new members.

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"Yoga Dear is a philosophy. It's an approach to teaching that's  welcoming and encouraging, offering grounded guidance to all levels.

We pride ourselves on creating classes that are down-to-earth with a healthy dose of laughter, and encourage openness, curiosity, and wholeness." - Leanne Matullo, 
Yoga Dear Founder & Director

What people are saying about the Yoga Dear letters...

Your weekly lessons/advice/thoughts for the week always seem to line up with what I need to work on at that exact moment. I’ve learned to find that happiness again and the strength to obtain it through the letters and classes. THANK YOU.
— Brooke
They are little nuggets of gold buried deep in the chaos that is my inbox!
— Lynne
Priceless gifts you have provided by your teachings. I have so been blessed and wanted you to know how significant your studio & teaching has been in my life changes.
— Janae
These emails are a little treasure. Thank you for sharing the wonder with us, your students. Always, I’m grateful.
— Tom

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