Yoga Dear 1

The Yoga Dear community has been absolutely incredible. I remember being so nervous to start taking classes there because I was doing something totally new to me and I was doing it on my own. But I am so, so happy I stepped outside of my comfort zone. The teachers and students have made a huge impact on my life, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.
— Kat Pardoe

Our signature class is a Beginner/Intermediate level designed for those new to yoga or who consider themselves  exploring yogis. All instructors teach from a vinyasa style of yoga (like a dance on your mat, also called a flow), each with their own unique style and flavor. Class will incorporate a mix of poses, including forward bends, lateral stretches, core work, backbends, and twists. Class will include breathing and meditation. 75 minute class. 60 minutes on Saturdays. 

Slow Flow

An extra dose of #yogalove

So, this yoga thing. What's it really about? How is it so much more than twisting up like a pretzel? When you join our Dear family, you'll get a mini course in yoga, what it is, and what it is not. Our letters are funny. Inspirational. Learning happens. Plus, you'll receive our special offer for all new members.

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One of our very favorite classes to teach each week, this for beginners and anyone who seeks permission to slow down (don't we all?!).  Class will introduce basic poses, including a mix of sitting, standing, twists, and bends that increase flexibility and muscle strength. Class will also include breathing and meditation techniques to calm and focus the mind. Sighhh.  60 minutes. 

Sunny Side Up!

Calling all early birds! Here's one to get your day started right. Beginner/Intermediate level class will introduce a flow-like choreography and incorporate a mix of poses to help set the tone for your day, while energizing the body and the mind (it's way better than coffee, y'all). Each instructor teaches from a vinyasa perspective, but always with their own style.  Class will include breathing and meditation techniques. 60 minute class.

Yoga Dear 2

For intermediate and advanced yoga dears, this one is for those who wish to push their personal practice! Class will include a mix of standing, sitting, twists, and bends, introducing more advanced asanas like inversions, arm balances, and backbend variations. Don't worry about "not being able" to do a pose - we're just making shapes, learning, and celebrating the body here! 75 minutes.

Restorative Yoga

We’ve created this class to infuse peace and quiet into your life. Join for a restorative session, designed to help you settle in, stretch, and connect you back to your mind and body. Leave feeling refreshed, renewed and get ready to roll into a dreamy sleep later that evening. Class is often set to candlelight. 60 minutes.

Leanne is a fantastic teacher. She is always open to answering any questions or helping with modifications if you have any injuries. Her classes are upbeat and have the perfect challenge level. Leanne helps people believe that they can be a yogi even if they have only taken one class.
— Gillian Radel

Heated Flow

Intermediate level class for those who don't mind moving a teensy bit quicker at times (but, not always) and breaking a sweat. Class is heated to the high 70's/low 80's, often set to upbeat music, and has a vinyasa flow feel. Bring a towel. 60 minutes. 

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