Discover Your Voice

We cover A LOT in this episode...and are seriously enjoying sharing yoga with you in this way. Our most recent Teacher Training Module was titled Discover Body & Voice. What the heck does that mean? How did we study the body? How do you identify your unique voice? Why are these topics even important?

Listen in to learn what discovering the body means in Yoga Dear-land (briefly) and for some guidance on how to establish your own voice as a yoga teacher, in a meeting, giving a presentation, writing, and beyond. And, of'll hear our giggles and banter back and forth. As always, we love hearing from you and want to hear your thoughts on this episode. 

Yoga Dear Makes a Podcast!

There may be a dog whining in the background. You may hear my pen clicking as I write down ideas and thoughts that come up throughout this chat. You may hear the sound machine from our baby's room whirring on the video monitor. But, here it is! Yoga Dear's first ever podcast episode with Eugene and I chatting it up. Listen as we:

  • Share a little about our movement and yoga backgrounds 
  • Recap our first weekend of Yoga Teacher Training
  • Discuss a little about our approach to teacher training and why children's books played a big part
  • Touch on big questions like, "Is yoga a religion?" "What is spirituality?"
  • Talk about how I got so into the philosophy of yoga and how it's so practical for everyday life 

This is something we are so excited to share with you all and something we have been looking forward to starting for a while now. Please take a listen and tell us what you think. With love. <3